Technical Service and Application Development

Grand Industrial has a team of well-trained technical engineers. They follow every market and individual supplier development. They are regularly trained and work closely together with the supplier. Demand for technical support and application development (TS & AD) from our customers is continually increasing. This is due to the fact that the requirements of finished products are getting higher and also the fact that some companies under cost pressure are relying on the quality know-how and experience of the Grand Industrial TS & AD Team. We can offer more than a standard product portfolio. Some applications require a special approach. To meet our customers' specific demands, Grand Industrial offers tailor made compounds, rotomoulding resins, dry blends, powders, regrinds, industrial qualities and a lot more. We are here to offer you solutions so please contact your local office with any specific requirements.

Customer Service

We are here to satisfy your needs. All Grand Industrial offices are staffed with well trained sales representatives, sales engineers and internal sales people. They are always ready to answer any question you might have. Feel free to contact your local office for information regarding the product portfolio, material availability, documents, order information etc… We consider good customer service one of the most important processes of constant improvement. Let us therefore know your experience.

Supplier Service

Grand Industrial is looking for long term partnerships with its suppliers. We are a reliable partner with a strong and stable position on the European and Asian market. A part of our know-how is also an excellent knowledge of this market. Furthermore we offer several services such as central purchasing, warehousing, packaging, logistics, product specification at OEM's, marketing etc…